Business Sustainability

As part of our ongoing measures to protect and preserve the environment, MCC closely monitors and controls the treatment of wastewater, atmospheric emissions and industrial waste in compliance with, and indeed surpassing the standards required by law. Our environmentally friendly measures bring benefits such as improved quality of life, health and safety for employees as well as the surrounding communities, in line with the company’s goal for sustainable growth.




Solar Rooftop

MCC plans to invest in a 2MW solar rooftop for two of its factories, to reduce its carbon footprint by converting sunlight into electricity.

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As global warming becomes a more urgent issue, we all have a responsibility to slow climate disruption. For the past decade, MCC has planted over thousands of trees in Bang Pu province, Thailand. In doing so, the project has helped to offset greenhouse gas emissions and raise awareness of climate change.



The 5S programme focuses on maintaining visual order, organisation, cleanliness and standardisation. Benefits of this approach include improved profitability, efficiency, service and safety.


Strengthening Communities

MCC recognises the importance of education to help children fulfil their potential and realise their dreams. To help ease our employees’ financial burden, we award scholarships to their children who have achieved outstanding academic performance.



Employee Engagement

MCC hosts a number of continual professional development programmes for our team. From invited guest speakers to online courses to cross-departmental activities, our training is designed to constantly improve and challenge our employees’ understanding of customer needs, while acquiring expertise on all aspects of steel. 



MCC organises visits to Bann Gradieng in Chanthaburi province to provide charitable meals and empower children through interactive games and activities.



Our internship programme offers an opportunity for university students to earn practical experience while learning about the culture and atmosphere in the department of their choice. Successful candidates will benefit from working alongside experienced professionals on a variety of projects.

Apply for the programme by emailing